"Because of UCA’s education design, and their teachers, Robbie’s specific personality and needs are being met." — Robbie’s mom

Robbie Hendrix-Luker

Elementary School Student


"I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in students' lives. I would tell a perspective parent that you can give your child a great education with an online school and you can also keep a much better eye on your child’s progress."

Mr. Poulson

High School Teacher


"I love UCA because I found something really special—a friendly environment full of teachers and students who accept me for who I am and encourage me to be myself."

Aspen Romrell

High School Student


“UCA has given my son the ability to take charge of his learning. He is setting much higher academic goals for himself now and his teachers are right behind him helping those goals become reality.”

Leonie Stott

UCA Parent

Free Public Online School in Utah

Students throughout Utah now have the opportunity to thrive at Utah Connections Academy (UCA), a tuition-free public online school.

In partnership with parents and families, Utah Connections Academy will reach students for whom this innovative virtual approach provides the best pathway to school success. Our online school’s belief is that all students can thrive through a standards-aligned, individualized learning program that combines the best in virtual education with unique technology-based teacher productivity tools and very real connections among students, family, teachers, and the community.

UCA’s uniquely individualized learning program features:

  • Instruction from state-certified teachers experienced in online instruction
  • Support from trained counselors, principals, and our virtual academy administrative staff
  • Curriculum materials needed to participate in a dynamic online learning environment

Part-Time Online High School Courses

Students in grades 9–12 at traditional Utah public high schools can take free online courses as part of Utah’s Statewide Online Education Program. Find out more!

Learn More About Utah Connections Academy

Students at Utah Connections Academy experience a wide range of engaging coursework that enriches their understanding of the world around them.

Welcome to Utah Connections Academy

UCA is not just an online school. It’s a tight-knit school community offering all the services and resources needed to create a well-rounded student experience with:

  • Field trips and social events that help online students connect to one another, their communities, and their lessons
  • Dozens of clubs and activities that foster social development and academic growth
  • Dedicated and highly qualified teachers
  • An involved community of students and their families

Our Mission

The mission of Utah Connections Academy is to maximize academic achievement for students in grades K–12 throughout the state of Utah who need an alternative to the traditional classroom.

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