Experience Virtual School Technology

Imagine the possibilities of an accredited public education delivered directly to you. Connections Academy expands the definition of the classroom to include just about anywhere you go. All you need to join our virtual school is an Internet connection.

Welcome To a New Experience In Public Education

Connections Academy opens the door to a rewarding learning experience for your family. Our advanced virtual school technology allows us to deliver a quality public education straight into your home or other location. With proprietary interactive web tools, online lesson plans and instruction, our own internal email, secure community message boards, and more, we:

  • Create a virtual classroom experience where teachers and students work together in a supportive environment.
  • Connect students, teachers, and the entire Connections Academy community to one another.
  • Guide students through a rigorous curriculum that meets all state requirements and individual students’ learning needs.

Step Into Our Classroom

See for yourself how Connections Academy brings the classroom to you.

Beyond the virtual classroom, you'll also find our teachers helping students over the phone and even meeting with families in-person when they are nearby. Discover the capabilities of our virtual school technology first hand to jumpstart your education.

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Experience a Virtual Classroom in Action

LiveLesson Computer See how our teachers conduct lessons online using our interactive, real-time technology to bring students together for class sessions.

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