Our Program

The Connections Academy program is a rapidly growing form of free public school that students in grades K–12 attend outside the walls of a traditional classroom.

How does the Connections Academy program work?

Our program, offered in free online public schools, helps each student maximize his or her potential by combining:

  • Strong parental involvement
  • Expertise and accountability
  • Flexible learning environment 

By attending a K–12 online school, students learn outside the traditional classroom and beyond a homeschool program. They typically learn from home, but also from libraries, community centers, and occasionally from the road.

Role of the Learning Coach

Assisting the student in day-to-day activities is an adult Learning Coach, who is typically a parent, but also could be another family member or responsible adult caregiver. For additional information on the role of the Learning Coach, please review the Regulatory Program Description.

Customized Instruction

A Connections Academy teacher works directly with both the student and Learning Coach to develop an individual learning plan, provide instruction, and evaluate assignments. Instruction and administration is conducted through the Internet, by telephone, and by mail.

Teachers work together from centralized offices and hubs, under the supervision of a principal or other administrator, providing coordinated support and accountability.

Learning Resources

At the start of each school year, students are sent a variety of curriculum materials and learning resources, including:

Planned field trips and activities throughout the year enhance the learning experience as well.