A Connections Academy student engaged in a personalized learning program 

A Personalized Learning Program

Each student deserves a personalized learning program that maximizes his or her potential. This is the purpose of Connections Academy's Personalized Performance Learning® process—an academic road map for each student.

An Ongoing Process to Achieve Success

Personalizing a student's program is an ongoing process. Students, Learning Coaches, and teachers meet throughout the year to review progress, modify the student's program, and adjust goals as needed.

  • Placement and Course Selection. Starting at the time of placement and course assignment, information given during the enrollment process is used to select courses based on a student's individual learning needs.
  • Regular Communication. At the start of school, Learning Coaches and teachers establish a regular communication schedule for the personalized learning plan—at least once every 2 weeks or more, depending on the needs of the student.
  • Review Student Background and Learning Styles. Teachers, Learning Coaches, and students discuss student strengths, skill deficiencies, and previous school performance. Students complete a questionnaire to identify their unique learning style to help inform and guide the best teaching and personalized online learning approach.
  • Performance Testing. In grades K–8, students take a test called LEAP® (Longitudinal Evaluation of Academic Progress®) both at the beginning and end of the year. The LEAP test identifies areas of strength and need in the student's learning profile and measures student growth during the school year to help formulate learning goals.
  • Set Goals. Goal setting is based on all of the information gathered in the initial process and some initial student work samples. Teachers and Learning Coaches work together to set goals for the student and to accomplish these goals during the school year.
  • Schedule Modifications and Electives (K–8). Once the school year gets started, teachers help personalize the learning schedule. They inquire about the student's daily routines and make adjustments to the student's online learning schedule as necessary. They also may decide to add an elective course—electives are selected many times during the year.
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