Hardware and Connectivity

Oregon Connections Academy provides all students in grades K–8 and students based on need* in grades 9–12 with the opportunity to receive a school-owned computer, which is sent directly to their household (with a maximum of one loaned computer per household).

Further, each household will be offered an Internet reimbursement. Families requesting reimbursement will need to submit their request to be part of the Internet Reimbursement Program for approval and will need to provide documentation of their paid invoice for Internet Service before the payment will be released.

  • Reimbursements will be made at the lesser of the actual monthly costs for the period September through May or $16.95 for any full month of service with a maximum for all months of $152.55 for the months of service after the approval has been received.
  • If a student is enrolled for only part of the year, the payment will be prorated.

We also offer comprehensive technical support for the systems we provide and complete information on proper usage of hardware and software.

Using Your Own Equipment

If you use your own computer, be sure your system meets our minimum system requirements.

* Households must apply for hardship exceptions when they enroll and must indicate that they otherwise do not have access to a computer. To qualify, they must meet federal guidelines for free lunch and not have access to any hardware being requested. Qualification under Federal low-income guidelines does not guarantee a hardship will be provided. You may need to be contacted to determine if you meet all eligibility criteria.