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Millennial Parents Support DIY Education

A independent survey of U.S. households, supported by Connections Education, finds that millennial parents are supportive of alternative approaches to education, saying a DIY approach to education in which learners craft a path to graduation that best fits their needs, is a good idea.

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Connections Academy 2016 Parent Satisfaction Survey

Connections Education annually surveys parents to learn what families think about their Connections Academy-supported schools. View select results of the latest survey and read parents' comments about the online school.

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Infographic: Online School Graduates

Learn more about the graduates who call Connections Academy their alma mater, how online school prepared them for a bright future, and their many plans for life after graduation in this infographic, "Online School Graduates: A Different Path to the Same Bright Future."

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Majority of Americans feel K-12 families should be able to choose online learning options to meet student needs

Connections Education-supported independent survey of U.S. households shows Americans view online schools as potentially better able to personalize education

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Infographic: The Growth of K–12 Digital Learning

Millions of students across the U.S. are taking advantage of digital learning opportunities. Learn about the growth of this education segment and why many students are choosing a full-time online education with Connections Academy-supported schools.

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Connections Academy 2015 Student Satisfaction Survey

Connections Education surveys students to learn how they rate several key areas of their Connections Academy-supported schools. View select results of the survey and how they compare to parents' views of the online school.

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“Homework: Learning about virtual school before enrolling”

by Connections Education President Steven Guttentag
Guttentag discusses the importance of learning about online school before switching education options, and how this preparation helps students to be successful

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Virtual school graduation rates

Confused about graduation rate and virtual school? This thorough article from the Center for Digital Education, featuring Connections Education’s VP of Policy and Data Analysis, Matt Wicks, will provide clarity

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