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Nurture your child's delight in music through new online music courses from Juilliard eLearning and Connections Academy. Children from kindergarten through high school can gain a greater understanding of music through hands-on music activities and study of music repertoire, plus presentations and demonstrations by faculty, alumni, and students from the world-famous Juilliard School in New York City.

An Exceptional Learning Experience

The dynamic sequence within the music courses enhances each student's understanding and enjoyment of music for a lifetime. Lessons provide students with a strong foundation in music theory, composition, and notation. Students also learn how to recognize the sound qualities of orchestral instruments and gain a solid introduction to Western classical music while exploring music from cultures around the world.

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Watch this video to learn more about the innovative Juilliard e-Learning program.

The Juilliard eLearning music classes are delivered with Connections Education’s proven technology and educational methods. Classes feature instruction, virtual instruction, and multimedia lessons which include engaging real-time and interactive lessons and course components that make the content come alive presenting students with an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in online music instruction. Musical concepts and techniques are explained through multimedia and are reinforced with demonstrations, recordings, and video performances by Juilliard faculty, students, and alumni for a rich, well-rounded learning experience.

Music Courses Include:

  • Experiencing Music: Students in grades K–12 are introduced to basic components of music in this course including melody and rhythm. Students will shape these components and explore their own voices through performing and composing beats, different rhythms, and melodies. In addition, students will use their critical listening skills to analyze music they see and hear as they participate in interactive experiences developed by The Juilliard School and Connections Education.
  • Discovering Music: Designed for students in grades 3–5, this course teaches students fundamental musicianship skills from a Western-Classical approach. The course challenges students to develop their listening, analysis, performance, composition, and improvisation skills through studying standard repertoire pieces. Students also learn how to read music, are introduced to types of instruments and families of instruments, and introduced to music style periods. With audio, visual, and interactive technologies provided by both The Juilliard School and Connections Education, the course provides a unique and advanced learning experience for students in these grades.
  • Exploring Music: Students in grades 6-8 will develop their appreciation for music as they hone their listening, notation, analysis, performance, and improvisation skills. Students gain an understanding of the different families of the orchestra and use the interactive instruments and tools in the course to apply their skills and compose their own music. The Juilliard School and Connections Education have created a dynamic, hands-on experience ideal for middle school students.
  • Living Music: High school students study rhythm, beats, notation, and music history in this wide-ranging course. The relationships between different sections of the orchestra are explored, and students are exposed to the concepts of improvisation and composition. Students use sophisticated interactive tools, including a virtual instrument and digital sampler created by The Juilliard School and Connections Education to arrange their own music. High school students come away from this course with a greater appreciation of music and a greater understanding of how the fundamental concepts of music are developed through Western-Classical history.  

Innovative and Dynamic Learning Tools Bring Music to Life

screenshot of video where instructor is teaching xylophoneFaculty Video Demonstrations
Students access videos featuring firsthand instruction from faculty members and alumni from The Juilliard School and others demonstrating technique and discussing music theory. These videos are only available through these exclusive courses.

 screenshot of music tools demo with 3 instrument iconsVirtual Music Tools
Each course provides students with the chance to put their music instruction into practice by using virtual music tools. Students compose and record their own music, leading to greater appreciation and understanding. 

Learn more about the Virtual Music Tools.

Angela Wee playing violin at JuilliardStudent Performances
Recorded specifically for these courses, these videos feature actual Juilliard students demonstrating elements of the repertoire being studied. They also exhibit proper technique while serving as an inspiration for your budding musician.


An Outstanding Team of Experts

Connections Education and The Juilliard School, the nation’s leading performing arts conservatory, have established an agreement to provide Juilliard’s experience in creating music and cultural arts education for online students nationwide.

Connections Education is an award-winning, fully accredited provider of high-quality, highly accountable virtual education solutions for students in grades K–12. Since 2001, the company’s Connections Academy division has delivered personalized learning, excellent teachers, a proven academic curriculum, and remarkable technology to students through virtual public schools and a private online academy. Today, Connections Academy serves more than 40,000 students across the U.S. and is part of the global learning company Pearson.

As one of the world’s leading music institutions, The Juilliard School's notable faculty has included world-famous soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians, and music scholars, among them recipients of Pulitzer Prizes, GRAMMY, and Academy awards. These leaders in music work in concert with Connections Education, the nation's premier online educator, to develop this superb online music curriculum.

Only U.S. and Canadian citizens and residents are eligible to enroll in Juilliard eLearning courses.

*Courses may not be available in all schools.