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We’ve all done it; spent hours creating words and sentences on the refrigerator with brightly colored letter magnets. Now we’re turning your computer into the refrigerator and teaching students critical language arts skills:

  • Phonics
  • Phonemic Awareness (rhyming and sound play)
  • Spelling
  • Word Study

Warning: At Connections Academy schools learning is fun and addictive. See for yourself!

Connect-a-Majig Tool

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Activity Tracker for Reading

Students get reading with our Activity Tracker tool! This tool inspires students to explore the world of reading and allows them to:

  • Select an icon and color to personalize their Activity Tracker.
  • Choose from a list of common genres like drama, poetry, and short story.
  • Add a custom genre.
  • Set goals.
  • Analyze their progress.

Get your library card ready, watch this video to see the Activity Tracker in action, and get reading!

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Grammar Tool

Superheroes teaching grammar concepts? It's true with this highly engaging and creative tool, grammar gets a whole new spin that makes kids excited to learn. The tool allows language arts students to:

  • Analyze by identifying a particular grammatical concept by highlighting appropriate parts of sentences
  • Build sentences by adding to an existing sentence stem by using sentence parts in a word bank
  • Create sentences that demonstrate their knowledge of grammar concepts

Hints along the way help students become grammar heroes and a grammar handbook is also included so students can gather more powerful knowledge.

Put on your cape and check out these Grammar Tool features:

Grammar Tool

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