Colorado Connections Academy student Tyler holding a trophy
"I love Connections Academy because I’m able to work around my own schedule, and I’ve found new interests that I never had before, like psychology."

Tyler Hagy
High School Student

photo of coloca student
“I love that we get to go on really cool field trips. I can meet other students from other parts of Colorado I would never see or meet if I went to my local school.”

Kaitlynne Funderburgh
Middle School Student

    Colorado Connections Academy Student
    “I like Colorado Connections Academy because it is fun. I get to meet other kids who are interested in school, and explore fun concepts like astronomy.”

    Cooper Gaston
    High School Student

    Colorado Connections Academy student John sitting in front of world map with open textbook
    “The biggest reward is having fun with what you’re doing and not being bored.”

    J.D. Elvrum
    High School Student

    Free Online School in Colorado

    Students throughout the state are thriving at Colorado Connections Academy (ColoCA), a tuition-free public online school in Colorado. ColoCA gives students the flexibility to learn at home with a curriculum that meets rigorous state education standards. Our mission is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through an individualized online learning program featuring:

    Colorado Connections Academy is accredited by North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), one of six regional accrediting organizations for higher education institutions recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the United States Department of Education. Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, which is accredited by AdvancED. AdvancED is an organization representing 27,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and in 65 countries worldwide.

    Welcome to Colorado Connections Academy

    ColoCA is not just a fully-accredited Colorado online school. It’s a tight-knit school community offering all the services and resources needed to create a well-rounded student experience with:

    • Experienced teachers recognized as Highly Qualified by the Colorado Department of Education.
    • A wide range of online clubs and activities that foster social development and academic growth.
    • Weekly Learning Coach Resource Sessions where Learning Coaches and teachers share effective learning strategies.
    • A twice-weekly peer tutoring program offering students assistance in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry via LiveLesson® classroom.
    • Dozens of field trips that bring classroom lessons to life in locations throughout the state.
    • An involved community of students and their families.

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    Colorado Connections Academy is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), an accrediting division of AdvancED.