Create a fun and unique Valentine’s Day card with invisible ink. Check out our infographic to learn how to write and decode secret messages. invisible ink, invisible ink messages, secret messages, valentine’s day invisible ink

Valentine’s Day Invisible Ink Messages

By: Beth Werrell

Did you know that people give approximately 151 million cards on Valentine’s Day? Although hundreds of types of cards are sold each year, you can get your student more engaged on Valentine’s Day by encouraging him or her to create a handmade card.

And why not use science to create your valentine? Using items from around the house, you can help your student write and decode secret messages using invisible ink.

Check out the instructographic below for instructions as well as some fun Valentine’s Day activities and silly jokes.

Did You Know?
  • If you mix juice and baking soda in a cup, it foams and bubbles. The bubbles form because the chemical reaction releases carbon dioxide. It also creates water.
  • During the American Revolutionary War, U.S. Army members wrote invisible messages using acidic liquids so enemies could not read them.
Try This!
  • Another fun experiment to try is to mix half a cup of grape juice with half a cup of water. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and stir it to create your own fizzy Valentine’s Day drink!
  • Instead of grape juice, experiment with other liquids. You can try lemon juice, apple juice, vinegar, and milk because all are slightly acidic. Find the liquid you think works best!

How else can you use invisible messages? Let us know what activities you’ve tried.