2012 was a year of tremendous growth for the Connections Academy blog. Thanks to our wonderful readers for making this our best year yet. virtual school, online education, connections academy blog, best of 2012

15 Most Popular Connections Academy Blog Posts of 2012

By: Dan Reiner
Best of Connections Academy Blog 2012

As we celebrate the New Year ahead, it’s traditional to look back over last year’s events. For Connections Academy's blog, Virtual Learning Connections, 2012 has been a year of tremendous growth, with more frequent updates, a wider variety of topics, and more people reading and sharing our posts than ever before.

In 2012, as always, we were committed to posting informative, entertaining posts to enlighten people about some advantages of virtual school. Other posts offered learning activities and tips for families that had already switched to online education. We’ve also shared stories from virtual school students, parents, and teachers. We hope you’ll enjoy taking a look back at these posts that generated the greatest number of readers in 2012.

The Virtual School Experience
  1. 5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Virtual School
    School choice is often a difficult decision for parents to make. Use these questions to help determine if virtual school will be a good fit for your family.
  2. Flat Stanley Goes to Virtual School
    Flat Stanley shares photos and impressions of his visit to virtual school. Come along to take a look behind the scenes of Wisconsin Connections Academy.
  3. 5 Cool Things about Online Education
    Find out why we think online education is really cool, and how your children benefit. This post was featured on Getting Smart, a community passionate about innovations in learning.
Learning Coach Tips
  1. New Year’s Learning Resolutions: Making Goals with Your Child
    Use this New Year as an opportunity to make learning goals with your child. Here at Connections Academy, we like to call them New Year’s Learning Resolutions!
  2. Tips for Balancing Time between Multiple Virtual School Students
    Working with multiple students in a virtual school setting can at first seem daunting, but with some organization it can be quite manageable. Balance your time with some of these ideas shared by one of our experienced online Learning Coaches.
  3. The Evolving Role of Online School Learning Coaches
    If you’re thinking about virtual school for your child, it’s important to understand what parent involvement in online education really means with regard to the support you’ll be providing as his or her Learning Coach.
  4. 6 Things You Need to Know as a New Virtual School Learning Coach
    Are you nervous about your first day of virtual school? Here are some things new online Learning Coaches should know when transitioning to virtual school.
  5. From Classroom to Virtual School: 5 Key Skills Your Child Needs
    Starting virtual school requires some adjustment for the entire family. Promote these basic skills for a successful transition to online learning.
  6. Creating a Positive Home Learning Environment
    Go “back” to online school with a positive attitude in the home classroom. Here are some pointers drawn from Jon Gordon’s best-selling motivational books.
  7. Starting Strong: Organization Tips for New Online Learning Coaches
    Is this your first school year of taking on online school Learning Coach responsibilities? Use these organization tips to get off to a successful start.
Fun Learning Activities
  1. Kitchen Science for Kids: Make a Battery Out of a Lemon
    Want to do some fun science experiments at home? Try making a battery out of a lemon! This simple exercise teaches your kids all about circuits.
  2. Fun Rainy Day Crafts for Kids
    Too rainy to go outside, but you still need to keep the kids entertained? Try some of these rainy day crafts with your family to brighten up any dreary day.
  3. Keep ’Em Reading: Suggested Summer Reading Lists for Grades K-12
    We compiled some fantastic summer reading lists for every grade level, free for you to download. You’re sure to find something to interest students of all ages.
Tips for Teens
  1. Getting Ready for College: A Four-Year Checklist for High School Teens
    Is your teen a college-bound high school student? Use this planning checklist to stay on track with college preparation throughout each year of high school.
  2. Virtual High School Graduates Enjoy Real Pomp and Circumstance
    Many of our virtual high school graduates walked the stage in June to receive their diplomas. In heartfelt graduation speeches, seniors shared hopeful views of the future.

What education-related topics would you like to learn more about? Share your suggestions for future Connections Academy blog posts in the comments.