Make a big impact on your child's attitude by incorporating some of these easy motivation ideas during the school day. student motivation, virtual school

Little Things Mean A Lot

By: Carrie Jean Ross

Whether you are homeschooling or in virtual school, spending so much time together can make it easy to forget that doing a little extra for your children during the school day can go a long way.

Virtual School Snack

Here are some ideas that only take a few minutes, but could make a big impact on your child's attitude:

  • Display - Hang a paper or picture your child is especially proud of on the refrigerator.
  • Brag - Send a copy of this semester's report card to a friend or maybe a grandparent.
  • Share - Read just one more book together before bed, or share a special poem with an older child.
  • Praise - Every day draw attention to something your child does well.
  • Spoil - Cut the edges of their sandwiches, or add hearts to the center of an apple with a cookie cutter.

Even if they act like it's silly, older kids still love your attention.  Little things do mean a lot.