Image of Mr. Kelley

Torin Kelley

High School Teacher

Master’s Degree in Linguistics, Brigham Young University

Torin Kelley began teaching at Utah Connections in 2022. He teaches English to students in ninth and tenth grade.

Why I Became a Teacher

The main reason I became a teacher is because learning inspires meaning in life. The use of language, and especially writing, is synonymous with thought. Developing the ability to think is essential in life. I love having the opportunity to help students in this area.

I engage students in their learning in many ways. One online tool I find especially useful for engaging students is the built-in discussion assignments. Following a prompt, students can converse and interact with each other. This generates a lot of fantastic, insightful ideas.

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

Online teaching is wonderful because it allows us to better meet the unique needs of each student. At Utah Connections Academy, students have access to resources that are designed to help them no matter their learning style. 

We make it easy for students to meet one-on-one with their teachers as often as they need. The staff here is very devoted. Teachers, advisors, and administrators all work closely together to make sure every student gets the help they need to do well. When students take responsibility and take advantage of the many resources provided by this school, they excel and have a great experience.

"Students here learn to be responsible since they are ultimately in charge of their own education."

— Mr. Kelley