Suzanne Phoenix

Suzanne Phoenix


Suzanne Phoenix is a Learning Coach for her son Chanse, a high school student at Utah Connections Academy (UCA). Suzanna is overjoyed that Chanse’s engaging courses at UCA are helping him to become more excited about academics. She shares her story below.

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

'When I found out about Utah Connections Academy, it was like a long line of prayers had been answered. I sat my son down and we had a talk about this new school—UCA. Although I had already made up my mind, I wanted him on-board. He thought about it and after searching the website and asking many questions, he agreed to enroll. For him, school had always been a social occasion because he had given up on academics long ago. He made many friends at his traditional school and didn’t want to leave them behind. But he hasn’t left his social life behind. In fact, he spends more time with his friends now than he used to by playing sports and attending scouts and church. Plus, he makes new friends each day in class.

"I cannot say enough about what UCA has done for my son and my family. So, I want to tell anyone who will listen: If you have questions, good or bad, get in touch with me or anyone who has a student at Connections Academy, and we will answer any questions you have. Believe me, I have asked them all! It has been a great honor to work with a school with such high standards."

—  Suzanne

From the start of school, my son was receptive. Once we worked out a schedule, he loved his classes. He loves the teachers and the LiveLesson® sessions. A lot of his teachers like to teach in fun ways. Seriously, the teachers at UCA have made it so that my son loves science, math, English, and social studies. This is a kid who really disliked these classes before. I always thought he was smart, but I was the only one telling him—he didn’t believe me. Now he loves to do the lab experiments. He started caring about and taking responsibility for his own education. I finally saw my son growing up and finding new interests in education. He really got into it when he was nominated by some of his teachers to be Student of the Month. That was a turning point for us both. He said, “I have never been nominated for anything. Wow,” and I burst out crying right then and there. His grades went from nearly failing every core class to almost all A’s. Now he talks to me about what colleges he is considering going to!

Here’s where I say, 'Wow! Thank you, Utah Connections Academy!” Not only has this experience been educational for both of us, it has also brought us all closer together. There are many other benefits to UCA, as well. The parents/Learning Coaches can see what is going on, and if an assignment is not turned in, the late system lets you know. The teachers are always around to talk by phone, WebMail, or during individual lessons. The class sizes are small, the curriculum is great, and there are so many different language courses, etc. There are unlimited clubs to join, plus field trips to places such as Zion National Park and the Museum of Natural History. The list of educational programs is endless as well as top-notch. Tech support staff is available at all times to answer questions or lead you to someone else who can help you. Connections Academy also offers a Gifted and Talented program and other programs for all kinds of students. Students can earn high school credits as well as college credits by working at the pace that is right for them. Because UCA employs top-notch teachers, it produces top-notch students.'