JoAnn DeLeau


JoAnn DeLeau is a graduate of Utah Connections Academy (UCA). JoAnn is grateful that her teachers and counselor at UCA helped her achieve a significant goal. She shares her story below.

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

“I graduated in June of 2014 at 17, and though I’m not sure I agree, I'm often told that it is quite the feat. I loved UCA because every member of the staff seemed to know you on a level that can’t be reached at a bricks-and-mortar institution. The staff knows your strengths and weaknesses and is always available for one-on-one help and guidance. Everyone deserves a school where they are the teacher's priority, and that's what UCA gives you. My favorite subject was math because Mr. Alitagtag and Ms. Christensen are INCREDIBLE teachers. Numbers and equations proved to be oddly fascinating to me.

Connections Academy creates connections between people, peers, educators, but most importantly, it connects you to YOU. UCA gave me a level of self-awareness and a confidence that I may have never attained if I had I stayed in a more traditional setting. Also, I met the most incredible friend through UCA, and to this day, she remains the best friend I could have asked for.

"Everyone deserves a school where they are the teacher's priority, and that's what UCA gives you."

— JoAnn

I am currently in training to become a top-level assistant manager at the restaurant branch where I work. I plan to begin attending a local community college in pursuit of a mathematics associate’s degree, and after that, I'll move onto a university. I may possibly attend an out-of-state university depending on what scholarships or job opportunities are available to me. I chose to pursue a math degree because math has always has been my favorite subject, and students with math or physics majors systematically achieve the highest scores on the LSAT—a major factor in determining acceptance into law school. My ultimate goal is to become a sort of super-humanitarian. My exact focus is currently unknown, as I'm hugely passionate about many humanitarian issues.”