Joshua Kitchens


Joshua Kitchens is the principal and school leader of South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). He has been with the school since its opening in 2008, beginning as a social studies teacher.

Mr. Kitchens says, “Service has always been something that has been important to me, even from a young age, and becoming an educator has allowed me to be of service. I believe that there is no greater purpose we can have than serving others, and I am grateful for a job that gives me the opportunity to fulfill that purpose every day. Being able to see students realize their full potential is an amazing gift, and there are so many stories of students whose lives have changed because of being a student at SCCA. Students come to SCCA for many different reasons, and seeing them be successful, both in school and in life, makes me extremely proud.

Our goal at SCCA is simple: Learning for All. We strive to make sure that every student who comes here is learning at his or her highest level. We believe that through building close relationships with students and families and working with students based on their individual needs, we can help set every student up for success, both in school and in life.

Every type of school serves a unique purpose. I am grateful that different types of schools exist because different students have different needs. I believe that online schools provide a large degree of flexibility and are a good option for students who, for whatever reason, need a different structure than that offered at traditional schools.”


  • M. of Ed. in School Leadership and Supervision, Liberty University
  • B.S. in Political Science Education, Georgia Southern University