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South Carolina Online School Classes and Curriculum

South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA) offers a virtual school program that utilizes the very best online and offline resources from top educational publishers and curriculum specialists to deliver a high-quality K–12 comprehensive online education. With amazing resources right at their fingertips, SCCA students can master required core subjects, including mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies.

A 21st Century Online Curriculum for 21st Century Success

SCCA’s online school curriculum is a great alternative to any homeschool or traditional public school curriculum. It has been designed specifically to help students develop the skills they will need for higher education, work, and life in general. Each grade offers structured lessons that are combined with self-paced learning that enables students to reach their full potential. Our online courses also help to develop skills in the “four Cs,” including:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Only the Finest Materials

Online curriculum specialists research and then select the best teaching materials and texts from leading publishers to create excellent lessons, units, and activities. Our Connections Academy multimedia team collaborates with these specialists to develop more interactive tools and resources that help get SCCA students more involved in learning. Teachlet® tutorials, as well as learning games, use video, graphics and audio to bring these concepts and ideas to life.

Exciting Electives

To ensure students receive a well-rounded education, SCCA offers a variety of electives that are a key part of our curriculum. These interesting virtual courses include subjects like game design, world languages, life skills, sign language, and many more. Electives are the perfect way for students to explore new interests and broaden their skills and talents.

Always Improving

At Connections Academy, we have our curriculum evaluated and revised on a regular basis. This means that the most effective content, which aligns with state and national standards, is always what is being delivered. During our continual review process, we also ask students and their parents to rate lessons on a five-star scale. With almost four million evaluations submitted, Connections Academy has an average lesson rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Curriculum Built for Success

Education is what prepares students for college, work, and life. And at the very foundation of every good education is a strong curriculum.

At SCCA we have spent many years developing, testing, and refining the Connections Academy curriculum to make certain that it meets national and state standards, as well as the standards set by leading educational organizations. But even more importantly, our online curriculum was designed to meet the various needs of each student.

And our work never stops! We are completely committed to ongoing improvements, and we review and revise our curriculum regularly.

Online Curriculum Development Experts

Our team of curriculum experts’ sole purpose is to continually design, evaluate, and improve our online school curriculum. Each team member has subject matter expertise, classroom teaching experience, and advanced degrees in instructional design, technology education, and curriculum development. Their ultimate goal is to develop a quality online curriculum that delivers real results.

Beginning by identifying skills and the objectives students need to learn, our experts then create lessons that help students practice and develop their skills. Assessments are used along the way to measure progress. This way, SCCA students don’t just learn about a subject—they master it.

Bringing Lessons to Life

Our virtual curriculum development team collaborates with in-house graphic designers, videographers, and computer programmers to bring the curriculum to life in a more multidimensional way.

These specialists also take the time to review and select the very best texts and materials from leading publishers that can be weaved into activities, lessons, and units. These high-quality classes are then delivered right to your home.

The curriculum encourages students to participate in individual study as well as work with their classmates. In the end, online school students learn to think independently yet know how to work together.

Hundreds of Proven Online Courses

The SCCA curriculum includes the following core courses for every grade: language arts/English, math, science, and social studies. Elective classes are also offered at each grade level and allow students to broaden their skill sets and explore a variety of new interests. Electives include subjects like sign language, world languages, game design, digital arts, music, and more. We also have various gifted and talented, honors, and Advanced Placement®* courses available.

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* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.


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