Megan Love

Megan Love

High School English Teacher

B.A., Organizational Communication, George Fox University; M.A., Teaching, George Fox University.

Megan Love has always enjoyed working with children. She loves “helping guide their learning experiences and form their own worldviews.” Few professions offer such a tangible and meaningful impact. “We all want the best for every one of our students and do whatever we can to help them,” she says.

More Accessible to Students

Mrs. Love spent a full decade teaching primarily in a traditional brick-and-mortar school environment. She came to Willamette Connections Academy in 2019. “The benefit of teaching online is … being more available and accessible to students,” she explains. Mrs. Love finds it particularly satisfying to be able to work with students “in a small group or one-on one.”

She sees that the online educational experience has significant developmental advantages for her students, who acquire skills that will prove increasingly valuable as they grow into adulthood – and take on adult responsibilities. Because “students [at Connections Academy] can choose their own pathway, their own schedule, and have a greater level of independence,” they become “accountable learners and develop strong habits and self-discipline,” she explains.

Teacher + Teacher

Outside of work, Mrs. Love is an experienced and avid traveler. Along with her husband and two young children, she loves “to hike our local natural parks and get out and explore our neighboring towns and cities whenever possible.” Coffee mugs are her favorite souvenirs: “I collect [them] from all my travels.” Vacation schedules often align in the Love household. Her husband is a teacher as well.

In her free time, Mrs. Love enjoys writing short stories.

“An education at Willamette Connections Academy helps prepare students for the future because their learning is personalized and autonomous.” 

— Ms. Love