Christina Andresen

Christina Andresen

Executive Director

Bachelor’s Degree, Elementary/Middle School Education and Secondary Science Education, University of Northern Iowa; Master’s Degree, K-12 Adolescent Literacy and Technology, Walden University; EdS, K-12 Educational Leadership, Northwest Missouri State University

Christina Andresen started working at Connections Academy in 2019. She joined Willamette Connections Academy in 2024, where she is the school leader.

Why I Became an Educator

When I was in college, I used to work at a day care center and then tutor students. I found that I really liked working with kids and helping them get to the point where the material “clicks.” It’s an exciting experience when you see a child have their aha moment. 

One thing I especially love about this school is the diversity of students we get. I’ve taught kids who went on to become professional gymnasts, ballet dancers, hockey players, etc. The drive and abilities of our students are energizing. 

“My favorite part of being an educator here is being able to get to know students from different backgrounds. I learn something new each day, and I am grateful for that opportunity.” 

—  Mrs. Andresen

The Online School Experience at Willamette Connections Academy

We have many students who typically don’t do well in traditional schools, and they absolutely thrive here. Seeing a child feel like they’re finally doing something right really hits your heart. 

What makes Willamette Connections Academy different from brick-and-mortar schools is that here, you get to know a variety of people who look, think, and act differently than you do. It’s a great way to develop a diverse mindset. 

Message for Prospective Families Choosing Online School

Parents thinking of enrolling their child here should keep in mind that this school creates a welcoming community for everyone — students, parents, and teachers. Our teachers are inviting and work hard to make sure students feel welcomed. It’s nice having friendly faces here to provide support every step of the way. 

Willamette Connections Academy helps prepare students for a bright future in many ways, especially through our rigorous curriculum and caring staff that helps students feel both challenged and supported.