Kate Mohr

Kate Mohr

Assistant Principal

Bachelor’s Degree, Child Development & Family Relations, University of Idaho; Master’s Degree, Educational Leadership, Administrator Licensure Program, Concordia University; Teacher Licensure Program, University of Washington; Special Education Endorsement Program, Eastern Oregon University.

Kate Mohr joined Willamette Connections Academy in 2020, where she is the assistant principal for grades K–12. Her favorite part of the job is working through challenges that teachers, families, and students may have. 

Why I Became an Educator

I knew from an early age that some form of teaching was in my future. My parents were both educators, and I grew up witnessing the amazing impact they had on students in our small eastern Oregon community. I love helping people of all ages learn and grow. 

Willamette Connections Academy provides opportunities for students to be successful in school while enjoying their own individual learning plans. I love that we can support a diverse population of students who have come to us for a variety of reasons. 

The Online School Experience at Willamette Connection Academy

Every person at our school is ready and willing to help our students and families. We collaborate with each other regularly—always through the lens of student engagement and academic success. Our team creates amazing in-person and online events to strengthen the bonds within our learning community. 

We’re flexible in so many ways, which means we can often collaborate to find unique solutions to anything we come across. Students and families have absolute control over their learning environments, which is a game-changer for many.  

Connections Academy students learn valuable skills such as time management, scheduling, and self-advocacy. These tools are vital for life after high school, whether in the workforce or during college. 

"Students here can work at their own pace and throughout the day, which makes academics much more accessible to many."

— Ms. Mohr

Connections Academy supports ALL students. Our curriculum is rigorous, and our LiveLesson sessions are taught by amazing, engaging, and innovative teachers. Our students receive individualized instruction and develop strong relationships with their teachers. We prepare our students for the future by providing confidence and support.”