Notices and Disclosures


Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan

Operational Blueprint for School Reentry 2020-21

2020-21 Annual Notice for Statewide Tests

2020-21 30 Day Notice for Statewide Tests

2020 Healthy and Safe Schools Plan

2019-20 Annual Notice for Statewide Tests

In 2010, Oregon adopted higher K-12 standards in English Language Arts and Math to ensure all students move from grade to grade with the academic knowledge and skills necessary for success beyond high school. Because we raised the bar for what we expect students to know and be able to do, we have also changed the way we measure student progress through our state tests, known as Smarter Balanced.

House Bill 2655 permits parents and adult students to annually opt-out of Oregon’s statewide summative tests in English Language Arts and Math by submitting an annual form to the school the student attends. Schools will provide parents with the annual form at least 30 days prior to the start of testing.

Every Student Belongs Rule

The presence of symbols of hate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation disability, or national origin create a material and substantial disruption in school activities and learning environments. In accordance with Oregon state law, Willamette Connections Academy and all school staff are responsible for protecting the rights of students, employees, and visitors in order to learn, work, and participate in a high-quality educational environment that is safe and free from discrimination, harassment, and intimidation.

The Every Student Belongs rule enables schools to take action in responding to hate and in preventing further discrimination in the school environment and at school functions. Willamette Connections Academy will work with the Oregon Department of Education in implementing, maintaining, and reporting on this rule as required.


Symbol of Hate means a symbol, image, or object that expresses hostility on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin whose display:

  • Is reasonably likely to cause a substantial disruption of, or material interference in the school environment or school activities;
  • Is reasonably likely to interfere with the rights of students by denying them full access to the services, activities, and opportunities offered by the school.

Bias Incident means a person’s hostile expression of animus toward another person, relating to the other person’s perceived race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin. Bias incidents may include derogatory language or behavior directed at or about any of the preceding demographic groups.

Prohibited Symbols of Hate

Willamette Connections Academy prohibits the use or display of any noose, symbols of neo-Nazi ideology, and the battle flag of the Confederacy on school property including the virtual environment, or in any program, service, or activity except where used in teaching curriculum that is aligned with Oregon State Standards.

Bias Incidents Policies and Procedures

When a staff member is made aware of a bias incident, they must inform their manager and Human Resources. The school will then begin an investigation into the incident which includes:

In response to bias incidents, the school will ensure the safety, healing, and agency of those impacted by hate, accountability and transformation for those who cause harm, and a transformation of the conditions that caused the incident.

  • Identifying the persons directly impacted, as well as members of the school community (students, staff, and visitors) likely to be impacted by the incident;
  • Requiring responding staff to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all persons impacted;
  • Requiring responding staff to recognize the experience of all persons impacted, acknowledge the impact, commit to taking immediate action, and prevent further harm from taking place;
  • Communication to all impacted persons outlining permissible information related to the investigation, including:
    1. The fact that an investigation has been initiated;
    2. The date when an investigation has been completed;
    3. The findings of the investigation and its final determination;
    4. The actions taken with the person(s) who committed the harassing behavior and steps taken to prevent reoccurrence;
  • Determining whether the incident also implicates other civil rights laws and, if necessary, responding accordingly;
  • Developing and implementing instructional materials to make this policy known to all school staff and students.