Myia (Ja’myi) Hutchison

Elementary School Student

Ja’myi Hutchison is an elementary school student at Willamette Connections Academy. She loves online school because of the flexibility and the ability to go as fast as she wants.

“I previously attended a brick-and-mortar school which is very different. I don’t have to be in one place all day, I don’t have homework, I can socialize how I want to, and I can move at my own pace. At my old school, I felt like if I finished before everyone else then I had to sit and wait for everyone to catch up. I was often bored and unable to move ahead.

"I have had great relationships with my teachers. They are helpful and give me useful tips that I can use while doing lessons."

— Myia

I love Connections Academy because I can work ahead, take all the time I need to understand what I am doing, and double-check my work. One of my favorite subjects is LL Arts because I can do bookwork and I love to read!”