Mazen Suliman

Learning Coach

Mazen Suliman is a parent and Learning Coach for his son Alex, an elementary student at Willamette Connections Academy.

“What works so well for us is that it’s such a flexible schedule, so we do not need to rearrange our life around a school calendar. We’re also very involved and can support our student in every way. He is excited about learning. That is success.

It’s great to be able to see exactly what he is working on each week. We can discuss his current unit topics in Arabic or Italian to strengthen his linguistic skills and solidify his understanding of school lessons.

“I love that Connections Academy allows the whole family to support my student in his learning journey.”

— Mazen

We can contact teachers very quickly during the school day by phone or email. We also get regular communication from the school with newsletters and so we’re always well-informed.
We love to play soccer and go biking together. We get outside together nearly every day during my lunch hour. This covers his PE activity requirement and allows for some great time connecting with my son.
My child loves to invent and build. His flexible school schedule allows him to take breaks to work on a LEGO creation or build a fort. This school program supports his love of learning, so he can confidently explore anything he wants to in the future.”

Mazen standing outside