Asah posing

Asah Curtis

Elementary School Student

Asah Curtis started to attend Willamette Connections Academy in kindergarten, left for a short while, and is currently in 4th grade. He very much appreciates the flexibility of the school, where his favorite subject is coding.

Why I Attend Willamette Connections Academy

I tried going to a traditional public school in first grade and the experience was disappointing. In my short year there I experienced bullying from fellow students and the school wasn’t flexible. My experience with Connections Academy has been very different.  

This school is flexible, and my teachers are very helpful—they’re the best I’ve ever had. They give me more challenging work, which I enjoy, and which keeps me engaged and satisfied. I have a good working relationship with my teachers. They allow me the space I need to feel comfortable and to work at my own pace.

My Experience Attending an Online School

Math, coding, and music (violin) are my favorite daily subjects. Math has been a very interesting subject and is very engaging. Coding has been very fun and will help me in my life. And music lifts my spirits. 
I especially like coding! It’s a new way to express myself and it just feels like a superior way to create something rather than writing words in a book. Honestly, it’s hard to explain—it just feels like a freer way to communicate than the human language.  

Connections Academy’s flexible scheduling helps make it easier to do extracurricular activities because I can get my work done at my own pace to make time for coding or violin. My favorite moment was in second grade when I realized how great online school is compared to brick-and-mortar schools. It was a flood of relief! 

It really feels like my schooling is in MY control.

— Asah