Aimee Curtis

Aimee Curtis

Learning Coach

Aimee Curtis is the parent and Learning Coach of her son, Asah, an elementary school student at Willamette Connections Academy. She deeply appreciates the school’s flexibility and how it allows her son to “find his passions.”

Why We Selected Willamette Connections Academy

When we began exploring options for Asah’s education, we knew we needed something that could fit his unique needs. Asah has always been very self-sufficient, and I was worried the tedium of a standard school setting would hinder his joy of learning. Of course, there were several other incredible features of this school we could not ignore, such as the free tuition, the easy-to-use portal, and the benefit of learning from home.

Not all children learn the same. Sometimes the best thing we can give our children is the flexibility and trust to explore their education at a different pace. Our children are so capable, and Connections Academy sees this, encourages this, and supports this.

The Experience of an Online School

I’ve been beyond thrilled with the ease of contact with Asah’s teachers! When he attended a brick-and-mortar school, trying to get a hold of his teacher to discuss his curriculum or educational opportunities could be difficult.  

Asah has wonderful time-management skills and manages his own school schedule. He can complete all his schoolwork by 11:30 a.m. and, from that point on, spend his day learning what he’d like. Most days this includes coding, violin, strategic world history, and geometry/algebra. I wish I could say I’m a parent in control, but I’ve never needed to be!  

Asah has fallen in love with coding and website development and is thriving. He is not mindlessly herded through his day and run through an automated system where he is just a recipient. He is able to actively make decisions about his day’s structure and act accordingly. 

Asah has one goal: attend MIT.   

Every parent worries if what they’re doing is right or is best for their child. I fully believe Connections Academy IS what’s best for Asah.

— Aimee