Lucas Duval

Lucas Duval


Lucas Duval started attending Willamette Connections Academy in fourth grade and is now a graduate. When Lucas was a senior, he shared his story below: 

Why I Attend Willamette Connections Academy

At this school I’m able to work at my own pace, in my own home without the distractions of a classroom. I also like the classes that are offered here. My favorite subjects are U.S. History and American Government. I think American history is fascinating.   

What I like most about Connections Academy is the amazing teachers who are dedicated to the students

My Experience Attending an Online School

I have a great relationship with all my teachers. They are supportive and are there when I struggle and when I’m not. The teachers make learning fun and interesting. They make me really think.    

Outside of school, I’m passionate about my coin collection. My great grandfather was the one who got me interested in collecting coins. Also, I’m passionate about cleaning and maintaining local cemeteries and certain community areas. 

I’m not sure what my plans are after I graduate. One thing that sounds cool is moving to Alaska with my brother and working with nature. I do like nature.   

"Thank you, Willamette Connections Academy, for the best education a senior can ask for!"

— Lucas