Christina Duval

Christina Duval

Graduate's Learning Coach

Christina Duval is the parent of her son, Lucas, a graduate of Willamette Connections Academy. She shared her family's story below: 

Why We Selected Willamette Connections Academy

We’ve been a Connections Academy family for nine years. Our oldest son graduated from Connections Academy a few years ago. We’re very proud of both our boys and grateful for the education Connections Academy provided them. 

What works well for our family is that Lucas can work at his own pace, and we can be involved in his education. We like to know what he is learning.    

Lucas’s favorite subject is American Government and I just love learning about this with him.  Having access to his education and grades is the most important thing to us as parents. What I like best about Connections Academy are the teachers. The success of their students matters to them.   

Since Lucas has been at Connections Academy, he’s been able to come out of his shell more. He used to stay very quiet and not participate in his online LiveLesson® sessions, but now he enjoys his classes and works hard to keep his grades up without the stress.    

The Experience of an Online School

Willamette Connections Academy provides a safe, healthy, comfortable environment where Lucas can socialize with his peers. Lucas has made some really nice friends over the years being in an online school program!   

While socializing with peers is important, feeling comfortable in a safe school environment was more important. It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes when you have learning needs and anxiety. Sitting in a classroom with distractions does not help the situation or watching what you say to your peers.  

Lucas dreams of maybe someday heading up to Alaska to be with his older brother and working outdoors in nature. Connections Academy has provided him with the classes and tools to pursue this goal. 

"What interested our family in this school was the curriculum, and that we as parents have full access to it."

— Christina