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Online Middle School in Oregon

The On-Ramp to Success

Willamette Connections Academy's online middle school program encourages students in grades 6-8 to take more responsibility for their learning and helps them identify and explore their own educational potential. Our middle school program is designed with lesson directions written for the actual student, instead of the parent. Learning Coaches also take on a more supportive role in Willamette Connections Academy's virtual middle school, which enables students to take the lead in their studies while also holding them to a higher standard.

Curriculum Content

Willamette Connections Academy partners with leaders in educational publishing and instruction to develop proven and tested curriculum that combines traditional classroom studies with engaging digital resources to help students sharpen their language arts, math, history, science, and critical thinking skills. Electives encourage students to expand on new capabilities, find art in everyday life, and explore cutting-edge technologies. As highlighted in the school's online sample lessons, Willamette Connections Academy strives to offer engaging content that keeps students motivated and excited to learn.

Support for Online Middle School Students

Though students remain under the guidance of a counselor for guidance, Willamette Connections Academy implements the support of highly qualified subject area teachers throughout each online course. These middle school students are also introduced to teacher-led virtual instruction and have access to valuable resources like the LiveLesson tool, which provides specific instructional assistance, real-time review sessions, and allows the students to communicate and interact with their peers.

Course Electives and Activities

At Willamette Connections Academy, our online middle school curriculum allows students to choose from a wide range of elective courses and become involved in a wide range of clubs and activities that enhance the overall learning environment. Whether students choose to compete in Mathematical Olympiads or write for the school newspaper, these non-traditional activities keep the virtual educational experience fresh and exciting.

Willamette Connections Academy also offers high-school-level courses and advanced programs for students with exceptional studies.


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