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Career and Technical Education: Preparing for Life after High School

Ohio Connections Academy partners with families, students, and educators to provide a high quality and personalized online education that meets the individual needs of students and empowers them with the skills required for success in a changing world. Today’s students need a broad education and 21st-century skills to ensure successful long-term careers. Fortunately, students no longer need to choose between the academic courses needed for college, or vocational or technical training program.

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses offered by Ohio Connections Academy schools allow students to combine both college preparation and real-world workforce skills development into one customized education program. CTE courses encourage students to explore and prepare for careers in Information Technology and Business and Administrative Services.

  • Information Technology pathway students focus on learning more about programming and expanding their skills in the fields of design, development, support, and systems integration services. Upon completion of a 4-course sequence, students may opt to obtain industry credentialing.
  • Business and Administrative Services pathway students are engaged in business problems and concepts from a variety of business perspectives such as structure, financing, law, and marketing. Upon completion of a 4-course sequence, students may opt to obtain industry credentialing. Some business courses may provide students an opportunity for college credit attainment.

  • Find out more information about Ohio’s Industry-Recognized Credentials.

    Proven Success Rate of Career and Technical Education

    The U.S. Department of Education found that students enrolled in CTE programs have a high school graduation rate of more than 90 percent, compared to the average national freshman graduation rate of 75 percent. Additionally, 70 percent of students concentrating in CTE areas stayed in postsecondary education or transferred to a four-year degree program.

    Ohio Connections Academy currently offers three Career Technical Education programs and over twenty CTE courses*. View our programs and courses.

    * Career and technology courses may not be available in all schools.