Talent Networks for Exceptional Abilities

Connections Academy offers two Talent Networks designed for enrolled, full-time middle and high school students who are actively involved in the visual and performing arts, or advanced STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) coursework. The programs offer students opportunities for networking and collaborating, specialty-focused activities, and enriching experiences to improve their talents and hone leadership skills. Talent Networks membership is an ideal way to connect with like-minded students, investigate and explore college and career options, and interact with professionals working in their field of interest. 

For more information about the Talent Networks Program, please contact TalentNetworks@connectionsacademy.com

Visual and Performing Arts Talent Network

Image of a Clarinet on a table

Students who shine in the performing arts can apply to the Visual and Performing Arts Talent Network. In addition to their regular coursework, students will network and collaborate with other academy members, sharing tips and learning strategies for perfecting their craft. These budding artists, musicians, and thespians engage in activities such as virtual talent shows and art galleries, audition assistance, broadcasting opportunities, and interactions with professionals in the field. Previous guest speakers have included Irene Dreayer, the Executive Producer for The Disney Channel, The WB, and ABC Family, along with Geoff McBride, recording artist and contestant on The Voice.

Image of Justin Myrick
I like the Visual and Performing Arts Talent Network because I've gotten to network with other creative kids and I like the collective mindset.
Justin Myrick

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Science and Technology Talent Network

Image of a chemistry set

The Science and Technology Talent Network offers students with advanced abilities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics the opportunity to gain exposure to today’s cutting-edge innovations through guest experts in fields such as robotics, cyber security, environmental science, and astronomy. Talent Network members also enjoy opportunities to interact with like-minded students and participate in a variety of competitions and learning activities. Guest speakers have included Special Agent Lampo of the FBI, and Amber Armstrong, Hubble telescope scientist.

Talent Network Student Matthew Whorton
I love the Science and Technology Talent Network because it allows me to interact with other students who have similar interests, meet new friends, learn more about science and technology, and share my knowledge with others.
Matthew Whorton

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Apply to Talent Networks

To apply to a Talent Networks program, a student must be enrolled full-time in a Connections Academy School, International Connections Academy, or select Pearson Connexus schools for at least 30 days. The Talent Networks application requires students to upload artifacts documenting the student’s interests, talents, and desire to participate in one of the programs.

For more information about the Talent Networks Program, please contact TalentNetworks@connectionsacademy.com.