"[Lori] gained confidence in her abilities; was challenged with the course work; and most importantly, actually learned useful information from the courses she completed."

Jesse & Dolores Espinoza

NMCA Parents


"As a project for school I assembled a team, and together we cleaned a local Albuquerque Park."

Haley Gibson

Middle School Student


"I am thankful for the endless opportunities that the school has given me to prepare for and succeed in college."

Eion Ortiz

High School Student

A Free New Mexico Online School

Students in New Mexico now have the opportunity to thrive at New Mexico Connections Academy (NMCA), a tuition-free public online school. NMCA gives students the flexibility to learn at home while helping each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized online learning program featuring:

  • A challenging 4–12 curriculum developed by leading education experts
  • Instruction from New Mexico State–certified teachers experienced in online instruction
  • Support from trained counselors, principals, and administrative staff
  • Curriculum materials needed to participate in a dynamic online learning environment

Get to Know New Mexico Connections Academy

Students, parents and teachers of our online school in New Mexico explain how online schooling from home works and what they like most about the flexibility of public online education.

Welcome to New Mexico Connections Academy

New Mexico Connections Academy is not just a virtual school. It’s a tight-knit school community offering all the online services and resources needed to create a well-rounded student experience with:

  • Dozens of clubs and activities that foster social development and academic growth
  • Dedicated and highly qualified teachers
  • A STEM Academy for students seeking advanced coursework in science, technology, engineering, and math
  • An involved community of students and their families

Our Mission

The mission of New Mexico Connections Academy (NMCA) is to help each 4–12th grade student, throughout the state of New Mexico who needs an alternative to the traditional classroom for a particular time period, maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards through a uniquely individualized learning programs, access to high quality NM-certified teachers, and high parental involvement. This mission will also include a school-with-in-a-school model with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

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