Warren Case

Warren Case

Special Education Teacher

Warren Case is a special education teacher at Minnesota Connections Academy (MNCA). He started his teaching career in 2007 and joined MNCA in 2009. Mr. Case holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Southwest Minnesota State University and a master's degree in special education from Bemidji State University. He shares his story below:

“Before coming to Connections Academy, I served as a substitute teacher in the Brainerd area and taught for two years at a bricks-and-mortar charter school in Minneapolis. In the classroom, I am committed to the success of every student. My experiences outdoors have helped me understand how students grow and thrive. In bricks-and-mortar schools, students are compelled to adapt to a rigid institution. Living things in the real world interact and adapt to each other. Likewise, students maximize their potential in a school that responds to the needs of the individual.

When I’m out of the office, I like to spend time in my garden and in the woods. I keep my pantry stocked with home-canned pickles and tomatoes and wild berry preserves. On a sunny day, the Case family likes to relax on the banks of northern Minnesota’s many small rivers.”

I love teaching at MNCA because the online learning environment liberates our students from the social pressures of bricks-and-mortar schools and the teachers are able to respond to the unique needs of every student. We give students the opportunity to be more than just another brick in the wall.

— Mr. Case