Middle School Student

Shay is a middle school student who has been attending Minnesota Connections Academy since she enrolled in 2014. Shay and her mom and Learning Coach, Julie, love that she can get her education from home with a curriculum that is tailored to fit her educational needs.

About Me

I enjoy hip hop dance and all things music. I always make sure my classes and projects are completed on time so that I can fit in my twice-weekly dance classes and my weekly piano and guitar lessons. I’m thankful that my school schedule is more flexible so that I have time to focus on my passions.

My typical schedule looks like:

  • Start classes at 9 a.m. and do all LiveLessons
  • Take a short break every 2-3 hours
  • Practice piano, guitar, and dance
  • Attend music lesson at 2:30 p.m.
  • Finish classes and LiveLessons for the day
  • Get in my daily exercise
  • Attend hip hop dance class at 6:30 p.m.


My Online Middle School Experience

I enjoy the more personalized, challenging curriculum as well as the flexibility. I have an excellent relationship with my teachers. I talk to them regularly when they call to check in as well as in daily LiveLessons. I really like my teachers at Minnesota Connections Academy and always have.

Algebra is one of my favorite subjects because I enjoy working with numbers. I also enjoy being a member of the National Junior Honor Society because it keeps me more involved and it's fun to organize different events for our school.

I love Connections Academy because of the excellent curriculum, great teachers, and flexible schedule that allows my extracurricular activities.

— Shay