Shay Baecker

Middle School

Shay Baecker is a middle school student at Minnesota Connections Academy. She loves that she can get her education from home with a curriculum that is tailored to fit her educational needs. Read her story below:

“I love Connections Academy because the curriculum keeps me challenged, and that makes it so fun for me to learn. The program works well for me because I can focus on certain areas that I need more help in and can quickly finish the areas I have a good understanding of. My favorite subjects are math and science because I love to work with numbers and I enjoy doing all kinds of experiments.

I also like being able to manage my own schedule—it makes me feel more independent! I can be more flexible with my schedule. I love music and dance, so I take piano lessons, I take singing lessons, and I am on two different dance lines at Woodbury Dance Center. On the days that I have my activities, I make sure I have my classes done first, even if that means doing the work a day ahead of time."

Connections Academy is different from the charter school that I was attending.I feel like the curriculum is more challenging for me (which is what I like), and I am able to focus better on my education when doing it from home without distractions.

— Shay

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