“I love how MNCA has skilled teachers teaching my children, but at the same time, I can help guide my children as well. If they are having a difficult time with a topic, we can go over extra worksheets or spend more time on a concept until they feel confident doing it on their own. I can tell they are doing well because they bring up info they learned at school in their everyday lives.

I love the flexibility at MNCA. If a child isn’t feeling well, he or she doesn’t fall behind. He or she can start right where he or she left off once he or she is feeling better. And the teachers at Connections Academy are amazing. I feel they truly care for every student. I enjoy their check-in calls and appreciate the fact that they are very easy to get a hold of if I need anything.

My kids are so happy doing online school. It was such a struggle getting them up early, rushing them off to school, rushing home, finishing homework, and putting them to bed early. Now, we are able to enjoy more of our day.

— Jean

People are always asking me about online school and socialization. I tell them that online school provides us with more opportunities to be social with others. It seems like we have move time to travel, meet with friends, join sports, and do other activities. The brick-and-mortar school schedule did not allow us these opportunities. Our family was able to take the kids to Malaysia, Indonesia, and China in the last couple of years. We hope to do more traveling with them in the future.”