About Me

I like creative activities like building clay figures, making movies, and creating things with Legos. I also like gymnastics and playing video games. I usually finish my schoolwork before doing other activities, but sometimes I take breaks from school or change my schedule around so I have time for everything.

Henry sitting on his couch on his laptop

My Online Elementary School Experience

Science is my favorite subject. I particularly like when I get to do experiments. I also enjoy being part of Connections News by making videos. I might like to join the theatre/drama club when I am older. I’ve enjoyed the school field trips such as the trip to the zoo, Science Museum, and Minnesota Connections Academy STEAM day. It is nice to see other students and do fun activities.

All of my teachers have been nice and even fun. They are available if I need additional help. I receive more support and encouragement than at the previous private school I attended. I don't dread school like I used to

What I like most about Minnesota Connections Academy is being able to learn at home with a flexible schedule and still interact with teachers and students.

— Henry