“I felt very rushed at my brick-and-mortar school. I couldn’t take the time to fully understand certain topics. Minnesota Connections Academy works well for me because if I need extra time to complete an assignment, I have the flexibility to take it. I enjoy starting my school day later in the morning. I feel I can focus more clearly when I have a good amount of sleep the night before.

My teachers are easy to contact if I have a question. I also enjoy study buddy time where the teacher can help me one-on-one. My favorite subject is science, because I find the topic interesting and the study guides are easy to follow. I enjoyed my LiveLesson sessions in history because the teacher shared extra info about countries I didn’t know about before.

For fun, I enjoy tae kwan do. I also stay in touch with my friends throughout the week. I like playing video games, fishing, and biking with them.”

What I like most about Connections Academy is the relaxed environment of doing school at home.

— Amin