Image of Meredith Arieta-Heaney

Meredith Arieta-Heaney

Director of 504s and Student Analytics

B.A Sociology, Wheaton College; M.Ed. Early Childhood Education, Students with and without Disabilities, Lesly University

As Director of 504s at TEC Connections Academy, Meredith Arieta-Heaney is responsible for ensuring that the school is fully serving the needs of students with disabilities.

Particularly Satisfying

Ms. Arieta-Heaney has been with the school since August 2018. Her initial role was Family Engagement Specialist, prior to transitioning to 504 coordination.

Since entering the education field in 2007, Ms. Arieta-Heaney has been very interested in how students, families, and school all interact to promote student learning. The triadic learning model offered at Connections Academy is a perfect professional match for this interest. 

Ms. Arieta-Heaney truly values what the school offers to families who are looking for an alternative to the traditional public school learning environment. She credits the support and flexibility offered by TEC Connections Academy for helping all students – with and without disabilities – meet their goals. As an educator, she finds this particularly satisfying.

Outside of school, Meredith enjoys spending time with her family, riding her Peloton, reading, and walking her dogs.