Image of Melanie Joubanian

Melanie Joubanian

Elementary School Principal

B.A. Psychology, Connecticut College; M.Ed. Elementary Education, Lesley University

Melanie Joubanian joined Connections Academy nearly 10 years ago. She enjoys being in an environment where public school can be reimagined.

Collaboration Is Key

Ms. Joubanian began her career at the New England Center for Children, an institution whose mission is “to create a global network of educators, researchers, and programs so that those living with autism may live fuller lives.” She found her work there to be “inspiring,” and one of the motivators for pursuing her master's degree in Elementary Education.

She joined Connections Academy in 2014 as an elementary teacher for grades 3, 4, and 5. She pursued various leadership roles before becoming the director of the elementary school in 2020 and then elementary principal in 2021. For Ms. Joubanian, one of the rewarding experiences of the profession is “watching students learn and grow over the years.”

The key to making it all work, according to Ms. Joubanian, is the sense of partnership among educators – in fact, among all stakeholders. “Partnership, communication, and collaboration are essential to student success,” she believes.

“When we come together to support our students, we can achieve anything.”

—  Melanie Joubanian

New Things Each Day

Personally, Ms. Joubanian likes spending time with her family, including being silly with her daughter. As a parent who is also an educator, she especially loves seeing her daughter “learn new things each day.” Ms. Joubanian enjoys being active, particularly during the summer months at the beach.