Headshot of Lexi Bedore

Lexi Bedore

English Teacher

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater, Le Moyne College; Master of Arts in Theater Education, Emerson College 

Lexi Bedore started teaching in 2015 and joined TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School in 2020. She teaches English to students in ninth grade.

Why I Became a Teacher

Teaching is an act of love, and I have lots to give. Spending a year and a half as a tutor in a mental health facility definitely shaped who I am as a teacher. The students there taught me a lot about how to be patient and flexible, how to think outside the box, and how to be compassionate first and a teacher second. 

TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School has some of the finest teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Many educators who love their craft and subjects teach and collaborate here. 

The Online School Experience at TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School

Online school allows me to focus on the students and spend as much time with them as possible. I don’t worry about things like commuting, school building safety, or inflexible schedules. It’s also a bonus to have my cat by my side as I teach! 

I like to start class with music before we dive into work. The music I choose is always a conversation starter and a time to transition into class and get to know each other while we chit-chat. I loved going to the school prom and was so pleased to see everyone dressed up and having fun. 

At this school, students and those who support their learning help captain the ship. They get to make choices that best suit their needs and design their version of what success looks like.  

My Personal Interests

My interests outside of school include Dungeons & Dragons, reading, swimming, watching and participating in theater, binge-watching TV shows—and I’ll never say no to cooking or eating new things! 

This school offers independence and gives students the beauty of choice when they go through their day.

— Ms. Bedore