Headshot of Manager of Counseling Services Sarah Dalton

Sarah Dalton

Manager of Counseling Services

BA, Drama for Therapy and Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst; MA Professional Counseling, School Counseling for Students Grades 5-12, Lesley University.

Sarah Dalton is the manager of counseling services at TEC Connections Academy (TECCA). Ms. Dalton has been with TECCA since August 2014 when the school opened! She loves working with all the different types of students who choose TECCA for their education, and learns new things from her students and their families every day. Ms. Dalton thinks the biggest differences between online school and bricks-and-mortar school is how much students have to learn to advocate for themselves when they need help and the accountability they learn by having a flexible schedule.

Ms. Dalton decided to become a school counselor after she participated in the Bachelor’s Degree with Individualized Concentration program (BDIC) at UMass. The program enabled her to create her own major. She was also required to construct a detailed proposal for her intended college major and lay out each and every graduation requirement she would need to complete it. After creating her own major, Ms. Dalton saw a big change in her grades and academic performance. She was inspired to help students in high school become vital players in their own education and make informed choices about what they wanted to do after graduation.