Kristin Madler

Kristin Madler

High School Counselor

Master of Arts, K–12 School Counseling, University of Nebraska, Omaha; Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Ms. Madler started at Iowa Connections Academy in 2021. She shares more of her story below.

Why I Became a Counselor

I became an educator because I love working with youth of all ages and I was influenced by my teachers in school. They helped me grow as a person, taught me life lessons, and prepared me for each “next step.” I hope I can do the same.

I love working one-on-one with students to reach a goal, whether that is graduating high school, learning how to fill out a job application, or applying for college. My favorite part of this job is collaborating with staff and families. Even though we are virtual, I don’t feel isolated. I always feel like I am part of a bigger team.

The Online School Experience

We are a “student first” school, and all staff goes above and beyond to meet students where they’re at. The teachers are very accessible, welcoming, and dedicated to helping students succeed. We also try to create opportunities for students to engage with each other in a virtual setting. Students can set their own schedules with an individualized approach. They can work ahead, get individual help if needed, take AP courses, play sports, and/or work jobs. There is so much flexibility in the pacing of classes.

Our goal is that when a student walks across the stage with a diploma, they are confident and set up for success.

— Ms. Madler