Jennifer Tischer

Jennifer Tischer

Director of Student Services

Master of Science, Education, Buena Vista University; Bachelor of Arts, English and Communication Studies, University of Iowa

Ms. Tischer has been teaching at Iowa Connections Academy since 2020. She shares more of her story below! 

Why I Became an Educator

What drives me is serving others and supporting them in creating and striving toward a personal vision for their lives, to truly thrive in this life and find meaningful ways to contribute to the lives of others. The world of education is a great fit!

I love the opportunity that students provide us as educators to engage with them at all, let alone partner with them to begin building their future lives. Our students are inspiring, brilliant, hilarious, courageous, fascinating … I could go on and on.

The Online School Experience

Iowa Connections Academy certainly offers students a high-quality education. What sets us apart is that we offer students a chance to truly take ownership of their learning and lives. The liberty offered to students by an asynchronous model of learning, from their homes, provides limitless opportunities for students to build and live the lives they’ve imagined, both today and tomorrow.

Our students are inspiring, brilliant, hilarious, courageous, and fascinating...I could go on and on.

— Ms. Tischer