Hannah Chung

Hannah Chung

High School English Language Arts Teacher

BA, English Education, Iowa State University

Hannah Chung is a high school English teacher who began her teaching career at Iowa Connections Academy. Learn more about Ms. Chung below:

Why I Became a Teacher

I decided to become a teacher because I love helping and empowering others.

The Online School Experience at Iowa Connections Academy

My school community is very communicative, which is a major factor with remote learning because students and staff are consistently reaching out to connect with one another and bridge the distance.

Iowa Connections Academy has all of the tools to help instill the self-starter mentality in students, which is invaluable in the working world.

— Ms. Chung

The Benefits of K–12 Online Learning

Teaching and learning online is a dream for both independent and unconventional learners, introverts, and anyone who enjoys innovation and creativity. Your child will be loved here. The culture is incomparable at Iowa Connections Academy. I have never been surrounded by more kind and encouraging individuals, and it is a joy to work in this kind of environment.