Image of Ms. Wiemann

Haley Wiemann

High School English Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, English Teaching, University of Northern Iowa   

Haley Wiemann joined Iowa Connections Academy in 2023. She teaches English language arts to students in ninth and tenth grades.

Why She Became a Teacher

According to Ms. Wiemann, “I became a teacher because growing up I had teachers who cared not only about my education but also about me as an individual. I want to provide that same [experience] to students and create relationships that promote educational and personal wellbeing.

“The most rewarding part of working at Iowa Connections Academy is giving students a space where they can become comfortable and confident and have some control over their own education.”

The Online School Experience at Iowa Connections Academy

Ms. Wiemann fosters student engagement “by providing opportunities for discussion and group work during on-camera LiveLesson® sessions. I think it’s important to build relationships, make connections, and work together in the online environment.

“My favorite classroom activity is playing personalized content games such as Jeopardy with students. This is a fun group activity that reviews important information in a unit they may see on quizzes and tests. It also allows for some fun competition.”

Message for Families Considering Online School

Ms. Weimann suggests parents thinking of enrolling their child here should “reach out and learn more about the program. Iowa Connections Academy is a great alternative to a brick-and-mortar school and there are always individuals willing to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you may have.

“An education here helps prepare students for a bright and successful future by providing them with control over their education, content driven education, and instructors who are always looking to improve students’ educational experience and help them along the way."

Iowa Connections Academy has an abundance of resources, helpful faces, and more.

— Ms. Wiemann

Ms. Wiemann’s Personal Interests

According to Ms. Weimann, “In my free time I like to relax and hang out with friends and family, go on long nature walks, attend sporting events, longboard, snowboard, teach cheerleading and dance, and pretty much anything that will bring me adrenaline.”