Erin Cole

Erin Cole

Middle School Special Education Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, University of Northern Iowa

Erin Cole started teaching in 2014 as a 4th-grade teacher. She began teaching at Iowa Connections Academy in 2020 and is currently teaching 5th grade. Ms. Cole shares her story below!

Why I Became a Teacher

I have always loved teaching for as long as I can remember, and I have had several teachers in my family, including both of my grandmothers. Working with students and helping them to grow and develop has been a wonderful experience for me.

The Online School Experience

I really love the flexibility that Iowa Connections Academy brings to its families, as well as the ability to support students of all abilities, such as accelerating students in certain subjects, providing extra resources and programs to students needing additional help, while providing extra opportunities for everyone.

I feel that students who attend Iowa Connections Academy learn earlier on about time management, organization skills, and prioritization. Since the program is flexible, they can work on their own time, in a way that works best for them.

I encourage all of my students to share their opinions in a safe and respectful space. I also check in with them as often as possible, so they feel they can talk to me about anything.

— Ms. Cole

My Interests

Iowa is the sixth state I have lived in, and I absolutely love to travel. I love reading, cooking, watching movies, hiking, and getting together with friends and family.