Headshot of Ms. Rosta

Allison Rosta

Middle School Math Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Arizona State University; Master of Accounting and Financial Management, Keller Graduate School of Business Management 

Allison Rosta started teaching in 2015 and joined Iowa Connections Academy in 2023. She teaches math to students in grades 6–8.

Why She Became a Teacher

According to Ms. Rosta, she decided to become a teacher when she was in the first grade. She says, “my teacher asked me to help the other students with addition. I was hooked ever since. I enjoy empowering students to learn, particularly if it’s a subject they find challenging. 

“I have a wide range of teaching experience and have taught students of all ages, including college. I love teaching students online, because it allows them the freedom to complete their schoolwork in the way that works best for their individual needs.”  

The Online School Experience at Iowa Connections Academy

Reports Ms. Rosta, “We foster student engagement by doing group activities and educational games. My favorite field trip experience is when we went to the zoo. It was fun meeting students face-to-face and easing any potential fears they may have of math. I love playing math games with my students. It helps the class material come alive in a way that is fun for the students and for me.” 

Message for Families Considering Online School

If there’s one thing Ms. Rosta would tell parents thinking of enrolling a child in this school, it’s that “the administrators, staff, and teachers at Iowa Connections Academy truly care about student success and well-being. It is an inviting, nurturing, compassionate, and caring learning environment.

“An education at Iowa Connections Academy help prepare students for a bright and successful future because it’s customizable for each student, which allows teachers to better meet each student’s individual needs.”

The most rewarding part of my work at Iowa Connections Academy is helping students learn and grow.

— Ms. Rosta

Ms. Rosta’s Personal Interests

In her free time, Ms. Rosta enjoys traveling, trying new foods, yoga, crochet, reading, and spending time with her husband and her dog.