Frequently Asked Questions about Iowa Connections Academy

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What grades does Iowa Connections Academy (IACA) serve?

Iowa Connections Academy serves students in grades K–12. See the eligibility section of the website for full details.  

What technology is provided to Iowa Connections Academy students?

IACA households will need to provide their own computer and Internet service. See the technology section of the website for full details.

Are physical textbooks provided to IACA students?

IACA students in grades K–8 receive physical textbooks and online textbooks. IACA students in grades 9–12 receive online textbooks. Hard copies of textbooks are available for purchase.

Does Connections Academy provide services and accommodations for students with disabilities?

For students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans, Iowa Connections Academy and Green Hills AEA will review each student’s open enrollment application to see if Iowa Connections Academy has an appropriate special education instructional program for the student.

How does Iowa Connections Academy support students with disabilities?

Federal law requires Iowa Connections Academy to provide its students, regardless of disability, with an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the school’s education program. Iowa Connections Academy is committed to providing its students with equal access to its education program. We provide students with accessibility through resources tailored to each student’s individual abilities and needs, including assistive technologies and individualized support. If your student is in need of assistance in order to fully participate in Iowa Connections Academy's education program, please contact the school's special education director at or the school’s 504 coordinator at You can also obtain 24-hour technical support by calling the Accessibility Hotline at 888-639-5960.

Will my family be able to meet and interact with other families?

Yes, Iowa Connections Academy encourages families to meet in order to share common experiences and learning tips to help foster socialization and community.

How do I request a transcript?

Complete this form to request an official school transcript. Fax or mail this form to Iowa Connections Academy. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Has any educational organization ever evaluated the program and its curriculum?

Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, which is accredited by AdvancED.

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