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Iowa Online Elementary School Curriculum

At Iowa Connections Academy (IACA), we know how important it is for students to develop a solid foundation of knowledge during their elementary years, which is why we make sure our K–5 students receive just that. Stressing the fundamentals in each of the core subjects, our curriculum helps students establish a strong foundation in math, social studies, science, reading, and writing.

The Gifted and Talented Program

Beginning in third grade, students can qualify for the elementary gifted and talented program, which allows advanced students to enroll in special online courses and gives them the opportunity to participate in classes at a higher grade level.

“Best of Class” Materials

Bringing together materials considered to be the “best of class” from some of the leading publishers and content providers in education, our virtual public school offers students everything they need for a high-quality learning experience at home. At Iowa Connections Academy, we make sure your student has access to all of the materials, texts, and lesson plans necessary, so all you need is access to the internet to participate.

To better accommodate children in younger grades, we offer curriculum in print form, supplementing it with some online content. As students progress, coursework becomes more online-based, with the added support of some printed materials.

Elementary Curriculum Content

Elementary Course Electives and Activities

At IACA, we understand how important it is for young students to participate in electives and activities to help them achieve a more well-rounded education. We offer electives covering a range of topics, from learning daily living skills to acquiring a world language and gaining an appreciation for the arts. In addition, our activities and clubs offer students the unique opportunity to interact with other students and to learn by doing.


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