Kelly Winters

Kelly Winters

Assistant Principal

Kelly Winters is the Assistant Principal at Indiana Connections Career Academy. She earned her master’s degree in teaching as well as a doctor of education degree from Oakland City University. Dr. Winters began her teaching career in 2010 and joined Indiana Connections Career Academy in 2018 as a high school teacher. She shares her story below.

“I have always wanted to be a teacher. I began my teaching experience by teaching swim lessons and water exercise classes and lifeguarding at my local YMCA while I was in high school and college,” says Dr. Winters. “I loved teaching at Indiana Connections Career Academy because of the additional career aspects I could bring into the classroom and share with my students. The benefit of teaching at an online school versus a brick-and-mortar school is the greater opportunity to work one-on-one more often with my students.”

To parents who are deciding whether Indiana Connections Career Academy is right for their child, Dr. Winter says, “I recommend that parents visit the school’s website and learn about how the school places a focus on career readiness and the specific career clusters offered. An education at Indiana Connections Career Academy helps prepare students for a bright and successful future through the inclusion of workplace and employability skills in our lessons.”

Indiana Connections Career Academy’s diverse and inclusive environment makes our school community very special.

— Dr. Winters

Dr. Winters spends most of her time with her daughter, Eleana, and twin boys, Ryder and Rylan. She also enjoys cooking, crafting, and reading.