June Toliver

June Toliver

Secondary Teacher

BA, Secondary Social Studies Education; MA, Educational Leadership and Supervision, Ball State University; Doctorate, Educational Leadership and Supervision, Ball State University

June Toliver is a high school teacher at Indiana Connections Career Academy. Ms. Toliver began her teaching career in 2007 and joined Indiana Connections Career Academy in 2013. She holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary social studies education. Ms. Toliver earned her master of arts in educational leadership and supervision from Ball State University and is currently enrolled in the doctorate in educational leadership and supervision program at Ball State University as well. She shares her story below:

“I became a teacher so that I could help and inspire young people to go after their dreams. I also believe that as a teacher in the area of social studies that I have an opportunity to teach my students the importance of equity, equality, inclusion, and global awareness.”

At Indiana Connections Career Academy, Ms. Toliver loves helping her students achieve their educational goals and academic success in an online/virtual setting. “I have the ability to use an innovative, creative, and modern format to educate my students and the opportunity to work with students and families throughout the state of Indiana.

Our school program gives our students various career opportunities in their interest areas, and they have the opportunity to meet and speak with professionals who are already working in their career areas of choice.

— Ms. Toliver

“Indiana Connections Career Academy provides students the opportunity and tools to prepare for their professional careers earlier than the more traditional school programs. We have one of the best educational options in the state of Indiana. Our students have the ability to complete their schoolwork on their own schedule, and it allows them to pursue other areas of interest such as professional careers in acting, sports, and other professions while still earning their high school education and preparing them for postsecondary educational options.

Connections Academy® is made up of educators who are passionate about helping young people follow and accomplish their dreams. I have an awesome and supportive leadership team, support staff, and fellow teachers and colleagues who all care deeply about our students and their families and about each other. The exemplary collaboration, teamwork, and encouragement I see and experience every day is unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced in my whole career as a teacher.”

Ms. Toliver has been married to her husband for almost 20 years, and together they have three sons and a 4-month-old black miniature schnauzer. When she is not teaching full –time or working on her graduate studies, she enjoys creative writing in the form of young adult fiction and poetry and plans to publish someday. Ms. Toliver is currently learning how to play her late father’s 1970s Fender electric bass guitar and plans to learn the acoustic upright double bass someday as well. She also enjoys Star Wars movies, classical ballet, and musical theater.